ReelHelp has an existing presence in Palestine, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, and was essentially established as an entity within UAE based production house,  Analog Production.


Established in early 2013, Analog Production provides photography and filming services to local, regional and international commercial clientele.


ReelHelp was founded by Lafi, a professional photographer and filmmaker based in Miami and the United Arab Emirates. His keen awareness and reverence for human dignity inspires the images he captures that not only educate, but also stir the emotions of his audiences. ReelHelp is an extension of what Lafi has dedicated his life to for the last 20 years. This initiative reaches out to those who have devoted their lives helping the less fortunate. 


ReelHelp was set-up with the aim of providing International Organizations with media content in order to increase awareness and funding towards their projects and objectives. The team comprises of professional photographers, filmmakers, writers and producers dedicated to providing global entities with alternative means of achieving their goals.


Retrospectively, ReelHelp is also associated with independent entities ‘Handheld Stories’  and  ‘Made in Palestine Project’, as they both share a mutual vision. 


Handheld Stories   plays a pivotal role in empowering communities confronting critical social issues by providing them with tools to digitally document their experiences and share their authentic narratives with the world. 


Made in Palestine  Project  is an independent arts initiative designed to create and promote contemporary visual art and culture within Palestine. The program seeks to create a collaborative environment that supports the creativity of emerging visual artists. Varying mediums such as exhibitions, publications and films are used to reach out to audiences.